EU Settlement Scheme family permit

If you are a non-EEA family member of an EEA citizen, as the EEA Family Permit, you can also apply for a family permit under EU Settlement Scheme. You should apply for this type of family permit if you are a close family member of an EEA citizen. For extended family members, EU Regulation is still allowed and you can apply for a family permit as an extended family member until 30 June 2021 if your EU citizen relative has arrived in the UK by 31 December 2020.

To apply under this route, you need to be outside the UK. You need also to prove that you are a member of the same household with the EEA citizens or a Swiss citizen or you are dependent on him since he has become an EEA citizen.

It is important to remember that EEA means European Economic Area and its citizens mean citizens of EU countries and Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein. Though Switzerland is not either part of the EU or EEA, it is nevertheless a country in the common market and its citizens generally enjoy the same immigration rights as EU or EEA countries.

Without a family permit, you are likely to be refused entry into the UK. The family permit allows you to stay in the UK for 6 months. You do not need to pay any fees to make an application for a family permit. There is no limit on the number of times you can come in and go out of the UK as long as you have a family permit.

With no fee at all, you can avail of this opportunity of visiting the UK as a non-EEA family member of EU citizens. The decision is also given very fast. In Immigration 2 UK, we shall process your application error-free and make sure your application is through. You can contact us by email, WhatsApp, or Skype.