Permanent Residence Application

Permanent residence card is not a mandatory requirement for an EU citizen if you can prove his duration of stay in the UK as EU citizen by other means. It is however is currently mandatory for non-EEA extended family members of the EEA citizen. It is also required if you want to apply for British citizenship or sponsor you, non-EEA relatives. When you obtain a permanent residence card it means that you can stay here without immigration control and shall generally be eligible to apply for British citizenship after one year of getting permanent residence card.

You will be eligible to apply for permanent residence card after you have lived in the UK for a continuous 5 years. You will be eligible to apply for a permanent residence card if you have been a qualified person by being a:

·  you are working

·  you are self-employed

·  you are self-sufficient

·  you are studying

·  you are looking for work subject to meeting certain conditions

A family member or extended a family member can also apply for a permanent residence card if you have also been in the UK for 5 continuous years as a non-EEA relative of an EEA citizen who has been a qualified person during these 5 years.

You can apply for a permanent residence card either by post or online. The fee is £65.

If you are qualified for permanent residence, you should apply for it. This will be required for your application for British citizenship. In Immigration 2 UK, we shall process your application error-free and make sure your application is through. You can contact us by email, WhatsApp, or Skype