Family Visa

There are many kinds of “Family visa”

Spouse or partner of a British Citizen or Settled Person (Person having ILR) or Person having Refugee status

       If you are a spouse or partner of a British Citizen or settled person, you can apply for spouse/partner visa UK. A person is called a settled person when he has indefinite leave to remain (ILR). Before applying for British citizenship, the settled person need to be on ILR for at least one year. But to sponsor you to come to the UK, he needs only to meet the requirements in the same way a British citizen also has to meet. Therefore, there is no practical difference between a settled person and a British citizen when they sponsor their spouse or partner to the UK. When you are sponsored and come to the UK, you can also become a settled person in five years time and eventually a British citizen. As sponsor both you and your spouse or partner need to meet certain requirements namely financial requirements, English language requirements etc.  To make an application for spouse or partner visa, relevant rules are in Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules and the requirements for spouse visa are set out in Appendix FM and Appendix FM SE of the Immigration Rules.

In Immigration 2 UK, we make this particular type applications very often and all the applicants succeed to secure entry clearance or leave to remain as the case may be. You can leave your case upon our team of experts who will make your an unfailing application for you and you will get the decision from Home Office in maximum 12 weeks time.

Our fees are absolutely competitive and affordable. For applicants who need more consideration on fees, we shall be glad to make further concession.

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Children of a British Citizen Settled Person (Person having ILR) or Person having Refugee status

Adult Dependant of British citizen or Settled Person (Person having ILR) or Person having Refugee status or Humanitarian Protection

Parent of a British citizen child or child who has lived here for at least 7 years