Adult Dependant of a British citizen or Settled Person (Person having ILR) or Person having a Refugee status or Humanitarian Protection

This route is for someone over the age of 18 years who needs long-term care from a parent, grandchild, brother, sister, son or daughter who will be your sponsor. So if your sponsor needs to be a British citizen or settled person or refugee or person having humanitarian protection. Once you will apply for entry clearance under this route, you will be granted indefinite leave to enter and during your stay in the UK, you will never have to apply for an extension of leave anymore. After you complete 5 years under this route, you will have access to the public fund. To make an application as an adult-dependent visa, relevant rules are in Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules and the requirements for child visa are set out in Appendix FM and Appendix FM SE of the Immigration Rules.

This application is not very much explored route but an easy route for someone who needs it. Many in the UK have elderly parents back at home country and extremely desirous of bringing them to the UK. But unable to make a successful application to take benefit of the route.  There are certain documents which you need to have in order to prove your urgency of care by your sponsor in the UK. In Immigration 2 UK, we shall take you through to the final outcome.

Our fees are absolutely competitive and affordable. For applicants who need more consideration on fees, we shall be glad to make a further concession.