Children of a British Citizen Settled Person (Person having ILR) or Person having Refugee status

f you are the child of a British citizen or a settled person you can apply to come to the UK. You can come to the UK even if you are more than 18 years provided that you got your permission when you were under 18 years. So it is very important to be careful about the time. You can apply either individually or with your other parent who will also be joining your British citizen or settled parent. This route leads to settlement in 5 years. As a child, you do not need to meet English language requirement while your sponsoring parent would need to meet financial requirements. To make an application for a child visa, relevant rules are in Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules and the requirements for child visa are set out in Appendix FM and Appendix FM SE of the Immigration Rules.

In Immigration 2 UK, just like spouse or partner visa, we make these particular type applications very often and all the applicants succeed to secure entry clearance or leave to remain as usual. Our applications are always successful and you will get the decision from the Home Office in maximum 12 weeks time.