Indefinite Leave to Remain- ILR

The term ILR is used to mean British settlement or permanent residency which is similar to permanent residence or green card in the US. This status allows you to live and work in the UK without restrictions on the length of stay. There are family-based ILR and employment-based ILR. For ILR application, every case is unique and needs special attention. However, there are some common aspects, like:

  • The financial requirement to be met
  • The English language requirement
  • Continuous residence
  • Life in the UK

A person who has lived legally in the UK for a certain period of time, he may be able to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) depending upon his condition relevant to the immigration category. Immigration 2 UK Limited is able to provide the following types of ILR application:

  • ILR – 10 Years Long Residence
  • ILR – Tier 1 General
  • ILR – Tier 1 Exceptional Talent
  • Indefinite Leave To Remain (ILR) As Tier 1 Entrepreneur( About to be closed)
  • Indefinite Leave To Remain (ILR) As Tier 1 Investor
  • ILR As Tier 2 General Migrant
  • ILR As Work Permit Holder
  • ILR As Tier 2 Minister Of Religion
  • ILR As Tier 2 Sportsperson
  • ILR As A Person With UK Ancestry
  • ILR As A Representative Of Overseas Business
  • ILR As A Domestic Worker
  • ILR As A Spouse
  • ILR As Unmarried Partner
  • ILR As A Civil Partner
  • ILR As Same-Sex Partner
  • ILR As A Victim Of Domestic Violence
  • ILR As A Bereaved Spouse
  • ILR As A Bereaved Civil Partner
  • ILR As A Bereaved Unmarried Partner
  • ILR As A Bereaved Same-Sex Partner
  • Indefinite Leave To Enter As Adult Dependent Relative
  • ILR As Tier 5 (Temporary Worker – International Agreement)
  • ILR On The Grounds Of Private Life In The UK
  • ILR As A Turkish ECAA Businessperson
  • ILR As A Refugee
  • Indefinite Leave to Enter As Returning Resident
  • ILR As A Stateless Person

A premium service application is possible for ILR which means your ILR application will be processed on the same day you apply for it.

An applicant for ILR can apply depending upon the time he has spent in the UK in the category under which he applies. An application under Long Residence is able to apply after 10 years if he has lived in the UK lawfully and meeting other criteria. Under the Point Based System, it is however 5 years.

Immigration 2 UK Limited can process ILR application by making sure that the application is absolutely error-free and is not refused for any reason in our control. If a client is not confident regarding his application we are able to give him necessary legal advice so that he attains the appropriate condition for making a valid application.


What you’re applying for Fee
Settle £2,389
Extend £1,033

You’ll also need to pay £19.20 to have your biometric information (fingerprints and a photo) taken.

 Knowledge of language and life

If you’re 18 to 64 years old when you apply depending on your condition you may need to pass:

  • the Life in the UK Test
  • an English language test


 Partner of a settled person making ILR application on or after 9 July 2012 will need to show he has the necessary amount of money as shown below:

If you’re on the 5-year route you’ll need to prove you have at least:

  • £18,600 for each year for you
  • £22,400 if you’re including 1 child
  • £2,400 for each additional child

You won’t need to prove this if you or your partner get certain disability benefits or a carer’s allowance, but you’ll need to adequately accommodate and support yourselves and any dependants.

The absence calculation system has been changed recently. You may wish to watch this video for more information.

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