ILR – 5 years route: Parent of a British Child

If you are in the UK as parent of a child who is  a British citizen or a settled person, you will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) under 5 years route provided that in the earlier two occasions of leave to remain applications you have successfully met eligibility and suitability requirements under Appendix FM of Immigration Rules and thereby you have been granted leave to remain in two slots of 2 and half years each until the point of application for ILR. Just like in previous occasions of leave to remain applications, the other parent of the child must not be your partner.

You need to meet maintenance, English language and accommodation requirements as well. You are supposed to be meeting the requirement of playing a role in the life of the child in question by way of sole or shared responsibility.

When you apply for ILR upon completing 5 years as parent of child who is British citizen or settled person, you will need to meet the same requirements including financial, English language and accommodation requirements. In addition, you will have to pass Life in the UK Test and a B1 of CEFR in your English language test

It is to be remembered that though number of days you can be absent is not taken into consideration in ILR application but your absences shall be counted in your citizenship application as part of a statutory requirement under British Nationality Act 1981.

The ILR application is made online and fee is £2389. In your leave to remain applications you have paid for health surcharge but in ILR application you will not have to pay for it. You will only need the IHS number.

You can avail of the opportunity of super priority service by paying an additional fee of £800 if you wish to get the result by the end of day.

There are certain things to be remembered when making an ILR application. This is supposed to be the last application under Immigration Rules and your success in ILR application shall remove immigration control over you. You will then be entitled access to most benefits similar to entitlement of a British citizen. In this last application under Immigration Rules, stricter scrutiny is therefore no wonder and consequently, Immigration practitioners take extra precautions in ILR applications so that you succeed without any trouble.

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