ILR – Victim of Domestic Violence

Although by law anyone to be considered to be a victim of domestic violence, needs to be 16 years or above in age. Immigration Rules however require someone to apply as victim of domestic violence who is a partner of someone against whom the allegation is brought and thereby someone who is 18 years and above are only allowed to apply under this route. Appendix FM of Immigration Rules allows the victim of domestic violence to apply on SET(DV) which needs to be made online.

It is important to remember that if your partner is on leave to remain, you cannot apply under this route. Therefore, a victim of domestic violence needs to be a partner of a British citizen or settled person or person with refugee leave. This includes spouse, an unmarried partner whose relation is akin to marriage or registered civil partner.

It is not necessarily that the abuse has to be always from the partner. It is rather a breakdown of the relationship with the partner as a result of abuse. For example, the applicant may be a victim of domestic violence from some family member against whom the partner offers no protection and ultimately that has led to the breakdown of the relation.

Your current leave must have been granted under Appendix FM of Immigration Rules and because of domestic violence, your relationship with the partner has broken down.

You need to make a valid application by paying the necessary fees. If you are a destitute you may not pay the fees by making a successful a fee-waiver application. After your application is granted, you will get ILR. If you do not succeed only because of conviction under S-ILR 1.5 and S-ILR 1.6, you will be given leave to remain for 2 and half years.  After passage of the prescribed time limit, you will then be eligible to make an ILR application.

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