Point Based System (PBS)

Since 31 January 2020, the UK is no more member of the EU. This means, in terms of Immigration, free movement under EU law is going to come to an end. Citizens of all countries are therefore be treated equally from 1 January 2021. With the inclusion of  EU citizens within the Immigration Law will mean, there will be a need for more robust immigration policy. To his end, a new point-based system shall be in operation from 1 January 2021. This is not going to take place all in a one-go and shall be put into place by phases over some years.

Principal aim of the policy is to bring the best from anywhere in the world for the most meaningful contribution to the UK economy and at the same time bringing the migration number under manageable control. While skilled workers are in focus, need of employers for other lower skilled jobs are intended to be fulfilled by people who are already in the UK under EU Settlement Scheme which is 3.2 million as per the latest statistics.

There will however be some changes in favour of the skilled workers. There are certainly good news for the applicants. For example, new threshold of general salary shall be reduced from £30,000 to £25,600. Even someone who has a job offer in shortage occupation but shall earn less than minimum salary but not less than £20,480, can also make an application. Further good news for anyone who has a PhD, in the relevant field of job offer, can use his qualification in lieu of the salary requirement. This way of choosing from alternatives between salary threshold and qualification is termed a ‘Trade’ characteristics.  For example, a nurse who has been offered a job with a lower salary can come to the UK by using her qualification even though her salary is less than the minimum threshold. Current time taken to process visa for skilled workers shall also be reduced to 8 weeks and this will further be reduced gradually.

Certain important things to be remembered for applicants wishing to come to the UK. Students who meet the requirement of English language and has an offer from an approved UK educational institution, shall come to the UK under the Points Based System. But routes like family reunion, asylum shall remain outside the Points Based System. EU citizens in the new border control shall be treated as non-Visa nationals. This means they can come to the UK for 6 months without a visa.

Points Based System that will come to effect on 1 January 2021, will not be a conclusive one. It will be introduced by phases. But there will be transitional arrangement when any change takes place to enable someone who may be adversely affected due to the introduction of a new system.