Tier 1 Exceptional Talent

    Tier 1 Exceptional Talent

This route is closed for new applicants since 20 February 2020. This is now replaced by Global Visa. If you are already on Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa, you can apply for family members to join you and also for Indefinite Leave to Remain. If you wish to apply for an extension, you need to do so under the Global Talent category. As a matter of transitional rule, you will be able to apply by meeting requirements which you would otherwise meet under Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) category.

If you want to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, you can do so under the rules existed before 20 February 2020. You do not have to switch to Global Talent category. You only need to check if your endorsing body is  Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering or British Academy which requires you to switch to Global Talent.

You can  apply for settlement after 3 years of continuous stay in the UK regardless of your endorsement is ‘Talent’ or ‘Promise’. Your absences from the UK due to research shall not be counted towards maximum allowable absences provided the reason for research is directly related to endorsement.

Residential requirement of 3 years does not apply to your dependents. They must be in the UK for 5 continuous years to apply for settlement.

If you have any dependents you need to include them in your application for leave to remain. You can also include children who have turned 18 since you have been granted this visa or since you are in the UK with permission. If a child is more than 18 years and he is outside the UK, he will be ineligible to apply. Your dependent who wishes to join you in the UK, may do so by applying under the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) dependent category.

At present fees for leave to remain application is £608 and you need to pay for health surcharge also.

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