Visitor Visa


Standard Visit Visa:

You can apply for a standard visitor visa usually for a duration of 6 months. But if you are a frequent visitor, you can apply for longer duration e.g. 2, 5 and 10 years by paying the necessary amount of fees. Although you will be granted visitor visa for 2,5 or 10 years, that does not mean that you can stay here for this length of time. It means you do not have to apply for a visitor visa again as long as you are within the visa validity period. You can, however, stay for a maximum duration of 6 months in each visit.

Many visitor face trouble for an innocent mistake by staying the full length of 6 months in the UK when they actually mentioned in the application that they intend to stay for 3 months or 4 months etc. Although you are granted visa for 6 months when you apply for one of 6 months duration, immigration officials will see what length of time you mentioned as your intended duration of stay in your visa application. Therefore, if you are applying for a 6 months visa and mentioned in the application that you wish to stay for 4 months, you cannot stay for more than 4 months despite the fact that you will be granted visa for 6 months. You can, however, extend your visa while you are in the UK by another 2 months to make it total 6 months by making an application for extension.

You can apply for visitor much 3 months prior to your intended date of visit and you will be given the decision within 3 weeks of making the application.

In Immigration 2 UK, we shall process the application for your visitor visa from the beginning to the end and shall guide along the way if there is any deficiency in the application. There are numerous examples of refusal of visitor visa. People by making silly mistakes create suspicion in the mind of Home Office caseworkers. It is highly likely to be refused when your application is not professionally made. We shall make an extremely meticulous application so that your application is not refused. Our fees are also very competitive and you will feel fully satisfied when we make a successful application for you.

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The Standard Visitor visa has replaced many of the previous visas as follow:

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