Business Visitor Visa

There are number of routes available for business men who wish to come to the UK. The appropriate route will depend upon the nature of business activities. However, most people who have their settled business in their own countries, may wish to visit the UK as part of their business activities rather than operating business from the UK itself. When you wish to visit the UK as part of your business activities, it will normally be a short visit and you will require to apply for standard visitor visa. You will be granted a visa for 6 months. Although you will come to the UK for business purpose but it is strictly prohibited to do business in the UK when you come for such short visit. Generally you will be able to do the following:

In accordance with government guidelines as a business visitor you may:

  • attend meetings, conferences, seminars, interviews;
  • give a one-off or short series of talks and speeches provided these are not organised as commercial
  • events and will not make a profit for the organiser;
  • negotiate and sign deals and contracts;
  • attend trade fairs, for promotional work only, provided the visitor is not directly selling;
  • carry out site visits and inspections;
  • gather information for their employment overseas;
  • be briefed on the requirements of a UK based customer, provided any work for the customer is done outside of the UK.

If you wish to come to the UK on longer duration for doing business you can apply as an Tier 1 Entrepreneur or Tier 1 Investor. For details about these routes, please visit our relevant pages. It is to be remembered that in these routes you will eventually be settled in the UK as early as 2 years depending on how you meet the requirements of the Home Office.

In order to visit the UK for a shorter trip for business purpose, you can avail of this opportunity of visiting the UK with a very nominal amount of fee. The decision is also given in just 3 weeks time. In Immigration 2 UK, we shall process your application error-free and make sure your application is through. If you think that you will be visiting the UK frequently for business purpose, you can apply for a visa for a longer duration of 2, 5 and 10 years. It is important to remember that while you will be granted visa for longer duration but at one trip you must not be in the UK for more than 6 months and demonstrating that you do not intend to make the UK your permanent place of living. You can contact us by email, WhatsApp, or Skype.