Permitted Paid engagement visit

This is for someone who is highly qualified in a particular field who may come to the UK on invitation by a UK-based organization. The visit shall last for 1 month while you can apply for the visa 3 months prior to the date of intended travel. While this is a paid engagement, you will not however fill any vacancy in that particular organization. For example you can come to the UK:

–  as lawyer being invited by a client;

– can be an examiner of pilots who are being trained in the UK to see they meet the particular national aviation regulatory requirements of other countries;

– to give lecture on a subject in which you are expert and invited by a higher education institution;

– if you are an academic of high calibre and have been invited by a higher education institution as an examiner

– if you are a professional artist, entertainer, musician or sports person to do activity related to your profession and that you have been invited by a creative arts or creative entertainment or sports organisation, agent or broadcaster which are based in the UK;

Although you are allowed only to undertake the above five paid engagements, there are good number of activities which you can do. These are mentioned in Appendix 3 of Appendix V.

In Immigration 2 UK, we shall process the application for Permitted Paid Engagements visa from the beginning to the end and shall guide along the way if there is any deficiency in the application. We shall make an extremely meticulous application so that the application is not refused. For any query or discussion, we can be reached by WhatsApp, Skype or email.