About us

Mr Md Shah Alam has founded Immigration 2 UK Limited in 2015 when it was granted a licence by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). The firm was initially set up in Stepney Green area in East London and continued to provide its service from that location until 2017 when it has moved to its present location in Dagenham.

Originally a graduate in Telecommunication Engineering, Mr Alam has diverse nature of experiences that include high tech telecommunication to cross border migration. He has served under the United Nations and worked closely with the reintegration programme of migrants and internally displaced persons resulting from mass exodus due to ethnic conflict in war-ravaged Sierra Leone.

Mr Alam has successfully led Immigration 2 UK Limited to come to its present form. The professional ability of the firm is evident by the higher number of successful cases.

It is Mr Alam’s commitment that best possible service shall be provided to the clients at the most affordable price. Immigration 2 UK Limited is expanding very fast with the clients’ best interest being its core objective.