How it works

Almost all the applications to the Home Office are online. At the COVID 19 pandemic situation we strongly advise applicants not to visit us. The new normal is to go a hundred percent online.

We prefer to avoid face to face meeting to ensure safety for all. Our online service will save your journey time and communication expenses. The process is :

Step1: Contact us

Make initial contact with us over email or telephone. Let us know your immigration needs. If we can help you, we will move to step 2.

Step2: Give us your permission

We will email you with an authorisation form and you will need to permit us to deal with your personal data.

Step 3: Initial consultency fee

You receive an invoice to pay a small amount of £100 towards the initial consultancy which will be adjusted later if the job is awarded.

Step4: Detailed advice

We will take the detail immigration history, answer all of your inquiries and send you a “client care letter” where your rights, security of information,complain procedure etc will be explained.

Step5: Collecting the supporting documents

On the basis of your immigration history, you will receive a “list of required supporting documents”. When you are ready, send us a copy of all the documents over email/Whatsapp/Viber.

Step6: Checking the application form

We will email you the draft application form for your knowledge. You may discuss any issue mentioned in the form. You may also suggest changes/correction.

Step7: Pay the Home Office fee

Send the application fee, Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), Bio-metric fee etc to our business account so that we make the payment towards the application. Alternatively, you may choose to pay the Home Office directly.

Step8: Application submission

We make an in-time application submission and make an appointment with the UKVCAS for you to go for bio-metric at a date and time of your choosing.

Step9: Pay our fee

Pay our service charge less £100 which is an adjustment of the payment made at step 3.

Step10: Obtain the final documents

We will email you the details of Bio-metric appointment, a cover letter for your application, the final application form, declaration form, check sheet etc. You must carry those along with all the original supporting documents to UKVCAS centre at the date of appointment.

Step11: Attend the UKVCAS appointment

At the appointment day you will carry all the original documents for them to upload in their system. They will take your bio-metric data too and the application process ends.

Step12: The decision

We will notify you the Home Office decision as soon as it comes to us.